Winston & Strawn has a workplace that is professional, team-oriented, and civic-minded where diverse talents and skills are highly valued.

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Experienced Attorneys


Lateral Partner Integration Program

To help new lateral partners make a smooth transition, Winston & Strawn has a Lateral Partner Integration program that is personalized to each attorney’s interests and practice. An entire team is available to help laterals acclimate to the firm and their new job, develop connections, and maximize business opportunities. The team – which includes contacts in firm management, senior administrative directors, firmwide and local practice group leaders –  meets all new laterals when they first join the firm. In addition, each new partner is assigned a dedicated partner liaison who serves as a go-to resource to answer questions, provide information, and facilitate introductions.   

Our goal is to make sure lateral partners connect with other partners, understand how our resources can be used to optimize their practice, and maximize their talent with existing and new clients. 

Lateral Associate Integration Program

We also want lateral associates to hit the ground running and quickly feel like a part of the firm. Our Lateral Associate Integration program includes face-to-face meetings and introductions with key practice area and firm contacts. Through these activities, new attorneys have opportunities to meet colleagues, expand their professional networks, and learn about the firm’s programs in order to leverage their talents and skills.

Judicial Clerks

Many law clerks’ career paths lead to Winston & Strawn because of our nationally recognized litigation practice. Others join us after clerking in bankruptcy and tax court and have been able to put their real world experience to immediate use. We provide seniority credit to those who have clerkship experience and also award clerkship bonuses that are competitive with those of other large law firms.

Professional Development

At Winston & Strawn, we stake our reputation on our people and the quality of their skills and judgment. Our professional development curriculum teaches specific core competencies expected during the junior-, mid-, and senior-levels of an associate’s career.

Each year we offer dozens of training programs on substantive topics, communication skills, and emerging issues. Attorneys have the opportunity to take part in traditional classes and workshops, as well as 24/7 learning formats that are available both online and through mobile applications.


All first- through third-year associates are assigned a mentor. Mentoring is an important way to pass on institutional knowledge, core values, and stories from our firm’s rich history. Our formal program won the Minority Corporate Counsel Association’s 2012 Innovators Award and was a finalist in Chambers “Women in Law” Awards in the Best Mentoring Program in a Law Firm category.

Pro Bono

Pro bono service is one of our core values. We were one of the first large law firms to adopt a formal pro bono policy, and we have full-time staff managing this program. Associates receive credit for the first 50 hours of approved pro bono work each year. Approved additional pro bono hours are typically credited toward discretionary performance bonuses.

Search Available Positions

Click here to view and apply for available opportunities.

We require that all applications be submitted via our online self-apply system. Duplicate applications to the individual attorney recruiting contacts via email or hard copy are discouraged.

View our guidelines for search firms.

Note to Legal Search Firm Agencies & Third Party Job Posting Boards: Our posting of the positions on this website does not authorize placement agencies or other third parties to directly solicit candidates on the firm's behalf. We ask that search firms only submit resumes for positions posted on the attorney opportunities section of our website. All submissions must be made via the online application form. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the firm's hiring policy, or wish to discuss a potential working relationship with the firm, please contact a member of our attorney recruitment department.


Winston is committed to providing employment opportunities to individuals whose experience and abilities best match job requirements. Please click here for more information on our EEO policy.


Winston & Strawn will provide reasonable accommodation to complete the online application consistent with applicable law. If you require an accommodation, please contact the location for which you are applying and ask to speak with the human resources representative or email humanresourcesch@winston.com.

Recruiting Contacts

Suzanne Jaffe Bloom, Co-Chair, Hiring Committee
Bill O’Neil, Co-Chair, Hiring Committee


Brooke Ross
Attorney Recruiting & Development Manager

Emily Wiegand
Attorney Recruiting & Development Manager

Dallas & Houston
Amy Moynihan
Senior Manager, Attorney Recruiting & Development - Central (U.S.)

Los Angeles
Michele Ward
Senior Manager, Attorney Recruiting & Development-West (U.S.)

New York 
Elizabeth Lee
Senior Manager, Attorney Recruiting & Development-East (U.S.)

San Francisco & Silicon Valley
Victor Barnett
Attorney Recruiting & Development Manager

Washington, D.C.
Brooke Ross
Attorney Recruiting & Development Manager


BrusselsLondon Paris
Alexandra Wooster
Regional Director of Administration – Europe and Middle East

Nikolai B. Krylov
Office Managing Partner


Julia Bradley
Regional Director of Administration – Asia


Alexandra Wooster
Regional Director of Administration – Europe and Middle East

Mentorship Program

Recognizing that mentoring is an important way to pass on institutional knowledge, core values, and stories from our firm’s rich history, Winston & Strawn has created a formal mentorship program designed to support the career and professional development of attorneys at each stage of their career.

The firm’s mentorship program provides opportunities for greater attorney interaction across levels, discussion about firm culture, processes, and expectations, as well as more rapid assumption of leadership roles and partnership tracks.

Winston’s formal associate mentorship initiative offers a disciplined and systematic approach based on the Illinois Supreme Court’s Commission on Professionalism’s mentoring program.

Lawyer-to-Lawyer Program

First-, second-, and third-year associates based in the firm’s Chicago office are enrolled in the Lawyer-to-Lawyer Mentoring Program, which includes five categories of the professional responsibility CLE requirement:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Legal Ethics
  3. Civility
  4. Diversity and Inclusion
  5. Wellness, Mental Health, and Addiction

Through this formal program, attorneys conduct at least eight in-person meetings during the course of the year and complete at least one specific action item in each of the five sections. Upon successful completion, mentors and mentees receive a total of six hours of professional responsibility CLE credit.

Traditional Mentorship Program

First- through third-year associates in domestic offices outside of Chicago are paired with a senior-level associate or partner. Paired mentors and mentees commit one hour per month to the mentoring program. 

Senior lawyers serving as mentees play a large role in providing access to organizations and people, such as an Inn of Court, judge, or clerk. This often helps open doors for young attorneys, assists them in developing specific skills, and leads to new professional and personal relationships.

For more on this program, including the firm’s commitment to diversity, click here.


How do I apply for a lateral position? 
Descriptions about open lateral associate positions are posted on our website (www.winston.com).  Note that we only accept associate applications submitted via our online self-apply system rather than by email or hard copy. Duplicate applications to attorneys or recruiting contacts (by email or hard copy) are strongly discouraged. 

Do you use search firms?
Yes, we work with a select group of search firms on lateral attorney recruiting.

What is the average time to make partner?
Attorneys are eligible for partnership consideration after their eighth year as an associate. 

How do associates participate in management committees?
The firm has a formal Associates Committee, which provides a forum for associates to provide feedback to firm management about policies and practices. It has provided recommendations on communications issues, the evaluation process, mentoring program, and work utilization approach. The committee includes attorneys from domestic and international offices, as well as a senior partner (who is a member of the Executive Committee) who acts as a formal resource and sounding board. 

What kind of mentoring program do you have?
Mentoring plays an important role at the firm. All associates are assigned a mentor, who is available to discuss professional development, firm and professional responsibilities, and other legal career matters. The firm has a formal mentoring guide and work-plan to facilitate two-way communication, as well as a budget to encourage regular mentor-mentee meetings. 

What kind of training and professional development program do you have? 
We invest heavily in professional development and training. Our curriculum teaches specific core competencies expected at different levels of an associate’s career.  The firm offers dozens of programs on substantive topics, practice management skills (marketing, communication, project management), and emerging issues affecting our clients’ businesses.  The classes are offered in traditional classroom settings and workshops, online, by video, and through mobile applications.

Life @ Winston

What differentiates life at Winston & Strawn is the quality of our people, the vibrant communities in which we operate, and the resources and opportunities we provide for professional growth.

“I wanted to be more entrepreneurial in my practice, and Winston has always encouraged me to be innovative.”

David Enzminger, Co-Chair Intellectual Property Practice

“Winston has a reputation of having very sharp people who are also collegial and friendly. The staff is exceedingly helpful and they know how to make things happen at the firm.”

John Albers, Silicon Valley and Chicago, Corporate & Finance Partner

“My first year has been rewarding and challenging. I have had a lot practical litigation experience, including working on a jury trial team where I prepared witnesses for trial. I have also taken depositions and work directly with the partners.”

Jason Campbell, Los Angeles, Labor & Employment Associate

“When I led my team to Winston, it was all about integration and doing everything possible to make sure that our practices and clients would prosper. We all became part of the Winston family on day one.”

Jeffrey Kessler, New York, Antitrust/Competition Practice Chair

“One of the things that brought me to Winston is the firm’s culture of fostering camaraderie. Everyone is in the same boat, and the goal is raise the boat and not yourself.”

John Keville, Houston Managing Partner

“Before I even had my computer I had two voicemails from attorneys welcoming me to the firm and offering me work.”

Timothy Kincaid, Chicago, Corporate & Finance Partner

“During my tenure as the diversity committee chair I am proud of the work we did to revamp many of our policies.”

Amanda Groves, Charlotte Litigation Practice Chair

“As I was told as a young associate, I tell new attorneys to work for as many attorneys as possible when beginning their careers in order to experience a variety of perspectives on the profession, expand the professional network, and maximize the number of potential opportunities.”

Joanna Rubin Travalini, Chicago, Litigation Associate

“Our pro bono counsel encouraged me to take on board memberships at the National Immigrant Justice Center. It’s been a great role for me. I’ve done a number of asylum cases that are very gratifying because I see how I can make a difference in someone’s life.

Ivan Poullaos, Chicago, Litigation Partner

“I spent nearly six years working as an engineer at various start-up companies before going to law school. The experience of being in a service industry, interacting with clients, and dealing with their demands gave me very practical skills that I could readily transfer when I switched careers.”

Wade Challacombe, Chicago, Corporate & Finance Of Counsel

“The staff at Winston San Francisco is unmatched. The secretarial staff constantly steps up to help when others are too busy, and the paralegal I work with is indispensable to my cases.”

Deepi Miller, San Francisco, Litigation Associate

“Some of the best advice given by mentors has been to be client-centric. Think about how the client will interpret an email, my billing entries, a memorandum, etc. They also advised to provide recommendations and solutions for any problems that arise, whether it be for clients, partners or my peers. It helps in building credibility and relationships.”

Phoebe Coddington, Charlotte, Litigation Associate

“In the end, people make up a firm, and the people at Winston are the type of people you want to work with and for.”

Sofia Arguello, New York, Litigation Associate

“From the start, Winston has been an exciting place to work because our lawyers are always trying cases. It’s great to know there is such tremendous trial talent to call upon.”

Caryn Jacobs, Chicago, Professional Liability Practice Chair

“What sets Winston apart from other firms is the strength of its brand and the quality of its lawyers across the board. Once I was here, Winston spared no expense in making sure I was thoroughly integrated into the firm.”

Dan Rubinstein, Chicago, Litigation Partner

“I have a hard time imagining any other firm that can offer better opportunities to learn from and work alongside attorneys who are routinely recognized as the best lawyers in the courtroom.”

Jovial Wong, Washington D.C., Litigation Partner



We offer a compensation package that is competitive with those of other law firms of comparable size and stature.

Benefits and other perks for full-time associates include:

  • Life, medical, vision, disability, and dental insurance
  • Paid medical leave
  • 20 weeks of paid parental leave
  • Parental Leave Transition Support Program
  • 401(k) plan
  • Dependent care flexible spending account
  • Health care flexible spending account
  • Backup childcare and elder care benefits
  • Elder care referral assistance
  • Reimbursement for bar review classes and bar exam fee for first-year associates
  • Reimbursement for training seminars
  • Reimbursement for after-hours meals
  • Reimbursement for late-night travel
  • Business casual attire
  • Vacation time

We offer relocation reimbursement of up to $2,500 for entry-level associates, and $5,000 for laterals, to move personal possessions from their current residence to the city in which one of our offices is located. 

Winston & Strawn associates who join the firm from judicial clerkships receive a clerkship bonus. Currently, the bonus paid to U.S. Court of Appeals and District Court clerks is $50,000. U.S. Supreme Court clerks receive a clerkship bonus that is competitive with the bonuses paid by other large national firms.

Search Firm Guidelines

The following guidelines have been established to ensure a consistent and efficient working relationship between Winston & Strawn LLP and the legal search firms who contact our Attorney Recruiting & Development Department.

It is Winston & Strawn's policy that all resumes and other contacts regarding attorneys are to be directed to the Recruiting Contact of the office at which the search firm is seeking to place a candidate. There are no exceptions to this procedure and a placement fee will not be paid or a priority recognized for any resume sent to the Firm in any other manner. We will not consider any resume where the attorney is not identified by name.

Associate Candidates

Search firms may only submit resumes for positions that are posted on the Available Attorney Positions section of our Web site. Applications should be submitted through the on-line application link. We require a current resume and law school transcript in order to consider an application. In addition, the Search Firm section of the form must be completed and a current signed fee agreement must be on file with the Firm. If you have a strong candidate whose experience and interests do not match an available position, please send the recruiting contact in the appropriate office a brief email generically summarizing the candidate's credentials for consideration.

Partner Candidates

Winston & Strawn works with select search firms on lateral partner recruiting. If you have a candidate who you believe would be a good fit for the Firm, please contact the appropriate Recruiting Contact.

Search Firm Agreements:

All Winston & Strawn search firm agreements were updated in 2014. If your search firm has an agreement that predates 2014 it is now null and void. It is Winston's policy to sign a new agreement with a search firm only when a resume has been submitted for an available position and we are interested in pursuing the candidate.