Our attorneys and staff are the foundation of Winston & Strawn. Without these unique personalities and experiences, we would be indistinguishable from any other large firm. Despite the numerous recognitions and awards from the civic community and legal profession for accomplishments within and outside the office, we continue to adapt to the competitive and challenging global business environment. We aim to exceed expectations and adhere to the principles established over 150 years ago by our name partners, Frederick Winston and Silas Strawn, of being humble, grounded and practical.

“The best part about working at Winston & Strawn is hands down the people.”
Erin Villasenor, Houston litigation associate
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“The best part about working at Winston & Strawn is hands down the people.”
Erin Villasenor, Houston litigation associate
“The integration effort was second to none.”
Seth Farber, New York litigation partner, joined 2012
“The opportunities for judicial clerks [at Winston] – in both trial work and appellate work – are just unbeatable.”
Linda Coberly, chair, appellate & critical motions practice

Law Students


When we make hiring decisions, we look for lawyers who will thrive in our dynamic environment. Strong academic credentials are important – including law journal, extracurricular efforts and volunteer activities – as well as past career experience. We seek well-rounded, motivated, imaginative people who will work hard for our clients, and work well with others on the team.

A genuine connection and true reflection of your personality from the on-set of your relationship with the firm is among the most important factors in evaluating, hiring and retaining talent.

One of the unique features of working at Winston & Strawn is the immediate work experience and mentoring opportunities that we invest in our associates. 

An additional area of emphasis for our summer associates is to participate in the firm’s substantial pro bono activities. This initiative not only serves a critical need in the community, but also provides summer associates and attorneys with valuable experience that improves legal skills and confidence. By assisting low-income individuals with legal needs, summer associates are able to discover areas that could be of interest in their future legal careers.

At Winston & Strawn, our goal is to maximize individual potential, reinforce the firm’s culture, expand our employees’ professional development opportunities and help our professionals contribute positively to the community.

Life @ Winston

What differentiates life at Winston & Strawn is the quality of our people, the vibrant communities in which we operate, and the resources and opportunities we provide for professional growth.

“I wanted to be more entrepreneurial in my practice, and Winston has always encouraged me to be innovative.”

- David Enzminger, Silicon Valley/Los Angeles, intellectual property partner

“I appreciate that the firm has a secondment program. Through this program, I had an opportunity to work on-site as an in-house attorney at one of the firm’s clients, a mid-sized public company. I gained invaluable insight and had a chance to work with some exceptionally talented attorneys and business executives.”

- Jennie Park, Los Angeles, corporate associate

“Winston has a reputation of having very sharp people who are also collegial and friendly. The staff is exceedingly helpful and they know how to make things happen at the firm.”

- John Albers, Chicago, corporate associate

“My first year has been rewarding and challenging. I have had a lot practical litigation experience, including working on a jury trial team where I prepared witnesses for trial. I have also taken depositions and work directly with the partners.”

- Jason Campbell, Los Angeles, labor & employment associate

“When I led my team to Winston, it was all about integration and doing everything possible to make sure that our practices and clients would prosper. We all became part of the Winston family on day one.”

- Jeffrey Kessler, New York, antitrust/competition partner

“Partners will routinely seek, encourage, and value ideas and input from junior associates, irrespective of seniority.”

- Luciona Johnson, Charlotte, litigation associate

“Before I even had my computer I had two voicemails from attorneys welcoming me to firm and offering me work.”

- Timothy Kincaid, Chicago, corporate associate

“During my tenure as the diversity committee chair I am proud of the work we did to revamp many of our policies.”

- Amanda Groves, Charlotte/San Francisco litigation partner

“As I was told as a young associate, I tell new attorneys to work for as many attorneys as possible when beginning their careers in order to experience a variety of perspectives on the profession, expand the professional network, and maximize the number of potential opportunities.”

Joanna Rubin Travalini, Chicago, litigation associate

“Our pro bono counsel encouraged me to take on board memberships at the National Immigrant Justice Center. It’s been a great role for me. I’ve done a number of asylum cases that are very gratifying because I see how I can make a difference in someone’s life.

Ivan Poullaos, Chicago, litigation partner

“I spent nearly six years working as an engineer at various start-up companies before going to law school. The experience of being in a service industry, interacting with clients, and dealing with their demands gave me very practical skills that I could readily transfer when I switched careers.”

- Wade Challacombe, Chicago, corporate associate

“The staff at Winston San Francisco is unmatched. The secretarial staff constantly steps up to help when others are too busy, and the paralegal I work with is indispensable to my cases.”

- Deepi Punia, San Francisco, litigation associate

“Some of the best advice given by mentors has been to be client-centric. Think about how the client will interpret an email, my billing entries, a memorandum, etc. They also advised to provide recommendations and solutions for any problems that arise, whether it be for clients, partners or my peers. It helps in building credibility and relationships.”

- Phoebe Coddington, Charlotte, litigation associate

“In the end, people make up a firm, and the people at Winston are the type of people you want to work with and for.”

- Sofia Arguello, New York, litigation associate

“There is an open door policy. Attorneys and staff are always willing to help and talk.”

- Jude Andre, Houston, litigation associate

“From the start, Winston has been an exciting place to work because our lawyers are always trying cases. It’s great to know there is such tremendous trial talent to call upon.”

- Caryn Jacobs, Chicago, litigation partner

“What sets Winston apart from other firms is the strength of its brand and the quality of its lawyers across the board. Once I was here, Winston spared no expense in making sure I was thoroughly integrated into the firm.”

- Dan Rubinstein, Chicago, litigation partner

“I have a hard time imagining any other firm that can offer better opportunities to learn from and work alongside attorneys who are routinely recognized as the best lawyers in the courtroom.”

- Jovial Wong, Washington D.C., litigation partner

Summer Associate Program

Summer Associate Program

Each office has its own summer associate program, which varies in terms of activities and hands-on training. Regardless of the office, you will have opportunities to learn about a wide range of our practice areas and the specialized skills.

Department presentations allow summer associates to meet lawyers from specific practice groups to learn what they do in their daily practice. The Firm Highlight Lecture Series gives an inside look at some of the most publicized, interesting, and complex cases that we've handled in the past year.

We offer a practical training component in most offices that provides hands-on experience in drafting a legal research memorandum, negotiating a deal, drafting an IPO, taking a deposition, or trying a case in a mock trial. You will learn from veteran Winston & Strawn attorneys with years of experience and insight, who can make the law come alive through examples, personal experience, and anecdotes.

For information regarding our diversity scholarship program, please visit the diversity page.

On-Campus Interviews

On-Campus Interview

In July of each year, we begin accepting resumes for our summer associate program from law students going into their second year of law school. Our interviewing process typically concludes in late October. If we do not interview on campus at your school or you are unable to secure an on-campus interview, you may submit your resume via our online application system after July 1.



Winston & Strawn LLP is an international law firm with more than 850 attorneys among 18 offices in Beijing, Brussels, Charlotte, Chicago, Geneva, Hong Kong, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Moscow, Newark, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Taipei, and Washington, D.C.

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Does the firm offer a mentoring program for summer associates?
Yes, each summer associate is assigned a summer mentor/advisor. Summer mentors are intended to be the first point of contact for summer associates and to guide the summer associates throughout the summer program. Mentors attend social events, assist summer associates in obtaining work assignments in their practice area(s) of interest, host lunches, introduce summer associates to their peers, review written work product and lend an ear to discuss any issues and answer questions. In some offices, summer associates are assigned an associate mentor as well as a partner mentor.

Will I be assigned to a specific practice area?
No, at Winston & Strawn we have a free flowing assignment system during the summer program. This system allows summer associates to work on projects from a variety of practice areas throughout the summer program, which we strongly encourage, as well as to work with different partners. Summer associates have the opportunity to indicate their practice area(s) of preference prior to the start of the summer program and again at the conclusion of the program. This is taken into consideration when deciding practice area assignments for their careers as associates.

What is the firm's commitment to pro bono work?
Associates receive billable credit for the first 50 hours of approved pro bono work each year. Approved additional pro bono hours may be credited toward discretionary performance bonuses.

What is the partnership track at Winston & Strawn?
Associates are eligible for partnership beginning in their eighth year.

What is the review process for summer associates? How often will I receive feedback?
Each summer associate will receive a final review at the end of the summer program. In most offices, summer associates receive a mid-summer review as well. In addition to formal reviews, summer associates will receive feedback on their assignments, from both the partners and the associates with whom they work, at the conclusion of a project.

What technology does the firm provide for summer associates?
Summer associates receive the technology available to Winston & Strawn associates. This includes laptops, Blackberries, flat panel monitors and any additional technology needed to help them work efficiently.

What training do summer associates receive?
Summer associates receive administrative and computer training upon arrival. They also go through a corporate training exercise which walks them through a negotiation and the basics of a deal. Summer associates also take part in a mock trial or take a deposition which serves as the litigation component of training. Other training sessions include practice area highlights, writing and researching exercises and courtroom tours.

What is the workplace like for a summer associate?
The workplace for summer associates is very much like the workplace of an associate, with the addition of specialized training programs and social events that serve the primary focus of getting the summer associates better acclimated with the firm and our attorneys. The collegial atmosphere of the summer program mirrors that of full time Winston & Strawn employment.

What is expected of summer associates?
We expect our summer associates to take full advantage of their summer experience at Winston & Strawn. We encourage them to work on assignments from different practice areas so they can get an idea of what they would like to do when they return as a full-time associate. We want our summer associates to connect with our partners, associates and staff and create meaningful working relationships.

What is a typical day?
There is no such thing as a typical day during the summer program. With many different assignments and practice activities to take part in each day, as well as various trainings, panels, and social events offered throughout the summer program, every day is unique.

Do you allow split summers?
We do not encourage split summers. Split summer inquiries are handled on a case-by-case basis.

How does Winston & Strawn view judicial clerkships?
The firm encourages judicial clerkships. We have many associates who have joined us after a clerkship and we have associates who have left the firm for judicial clerkships and returned upon completion. The experience attorneys gain while on clerkships is immeasurable and we value that knowledge. Winston & Strawn also offers a bonus to attorneys who join/re-join the firm after judicial clerkships.

What are the summer associate projects really like?
Summer associate projects can vary. Assignments are submitted by partners and associates and range from simple and straight to more substantive and time consuming. Our assignment committee ensures that assignments are evenly distributed and that each summer associate has equal opportunities and access to work.

Where do assignments come from and how are projects obtained?
Projects are submitted by both partners and associates into an assignment database. There is an assignment committee throughout the program which is responsible for assigning projects from the database to each summer associate. Summer associates are encouraged to reach out to the assignment committee to obtain additional projects and to request projects from particular practice areas. Some offices hold weekly meetings where the assignment committee, summer associates and members of the recruiting department meet to discuss the workloads of the summer associates.

What do you first see when you look at a résumé? 
The first thing one notices when looking at a resume is the format. Is the resume formatted correctly? Is the resume organized? Does the resume flow? Resumes that are formatted well are easy to follow and successfully highlight strengths in a resume.

How should I prepare for an interview?
In preparing for an interview, one should always be ready to answer any question about what is written on their resume. The interviewee should be able to discuss, in detail and at length, any topic on their resume. The interviewee should always have thought out specific questions for the interviewer and be knowledgeable about the person and the firm.

Recruiting Contacts

Joseph J. Torres
Chair, Hiring Committee

North America

Katherine A. Webb
Senior Manager, Attorney Resources and Recruitment

Amy B. Moynihan
Senior Manager, Attorney Resources and Recruitment

Haley Hobbs
Attorney Resources and Recruitment Specialist

Los Angeles
Michele Ward
Senior Manager, Attorney Resources and Recruitment

NewarkNew York 
Victor Barnett
Attorney Resources & Recruitment Coordinator

San Francisco & Silicon Valley
Shumi Brody
Attorney Resources and Recruitment Manager

Washington, D.C.
Katherine A. Webb
Senior Manager, Attorney Resources and Recruitment


BrusselsLondon & Paris
Alexandra Wooster
Regional Director of Administration-Europe

Ricardo Ugarte
Office Managing Partner

Nikolai B. Krylov
Office Managing Partner


Julia Bradley
Director of Administration