Hipsters vs. Boomers: The Antitrust Revolution is Here

The proper role of antitrust has increasingly become a topic of debate among the general public. For the last 40 years, the traditional view that antitrust should focus solely on maximizing “consumer welfare” has dominated. This view holds that absent inflated pricing, loss of quality and innovation, or reduced output, antitrust should stay out of the way. However, a new more populist school is arguing that antitrust should consider broader concerns and do something about the rise of large, economically powerful companies. Some of these so-called antitrust “hipsters” have joined the new administration and will influence the goals of enforcement over the next several years.

Join Winston & Strawn Partners Jeffrey Amato and Jeanifer Parsigian, Of Counsel Brandon Duke, and Associate Nasir Hussain for a discussion about this debate and its historical roots, how the antitrust landscape is changing, and what impact increased enforcement may have on clients across industries.

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