What is Consumer Marketing Law?

What Is Consumer Marketing Law?

Consumer marketing law is a broad legal segment dealing with the federal and state statutes, along with government regulations, established to ensure that marketing and advertising is truthful. Federal law states that no form of advertising, including online advertising, can be deceptive. Marketing claims must also be evidence-based.

U.S. marketing law includes:

  • Advertising to Children
  • Endorsements
  • Environmental Marketing
  • Health or Made in USA Claims
  • Telemarketing

Consumer marketing cannot violate the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act or the rules/regulations of the FTC. The FTC can: order a type of marketing to “cease and desist,” sue a business civilly, investigate marketing practices, and perform other actions on behalf of consumers. The federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau also regulates how businesses specifically market financial products and services. A state’s consumer protection laws may allow an individual to sue an advertiser for unfair marketing practices.