Firm Wraps Up Winston Mini MBA Training Series for 2018

This year nearly 200 of our attorneys participated in one or more Winston Mini MBA courses, a key component of our Winston University world-class training programs.

Designed to teach attorneys practical business skills needed to maintain a competitive edge in today’s market, Winston Mini MBA launched in April 2018 with a course titled “Cybersecurity: An Insider’s Perspective” and concluded in late November with “Understanding Your Client’s Business.” The series, which was offered to all Winston attorneys globally, also covered financial statement analysis, corporate valuation, and modeling and forecasting, among other client-focused topics.

All of the Mini MBA courses, which attendees described as “substantive and entertaining” with “excellent” instructors, were led by distinguished industry experts and/or Winston partners. The opportunities for hands-on experiential learning were especially appreciated, with an attendee commenting that this was “one of the more engaging CLEs I have participated in.”

The Winston University Development System promotes peak performance at every stage by delivering training to attorneys and professional staff at optimal career points.

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