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Intellectual Property

With more than 200 attorneys, Winston’s intellectual property practice is one of the most active and highly regarded in the country. As evidence, we were selected as a finalist for The American Lawyer's 2014 "IP Litigation Department of the Year." What is striking about our practice is that we are at the cutting edge of not just the high-tech, biotech, pharmaceutical, or new media industries, and not just patent litigation, Section 337 investigations, copyright, trademark, or privacy and advertising law, but all of the above. 
Since January 2012, a small sampling of our achievements include: winning a $1 billion jury verdict, the fifth-largest patent verdict of all time (Monsanto); securing a 9-0 Supreme Court ruling for the generic drug industry; and achieving a landmark appellate ruling for one of our new media clients affirming that the safe harbor provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) are, in fact, safe for those distribution sources that make good faith efforts to avoid infringement.