Obamacare’s Claim Review Revolution

Reprinted from Benefits Law Journal Winter 2010, Volume 23, Number 4, with permission from Aspen Publishers, Inc., Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, New York, NY, www.aspenpublishers.com.

Most revolutions start with big ideas, not gunshots. The most important modern revolution occurred almost 500 years ago (in March 1543) and began with the gnawing annoyance we nitpickers have with inaccuracy. A Polish mathematician named Nicolaus Copernicus became increasingly frustrated with the obvious errors in Ptolemy’s treatise called the “Almagest” where Ptolemy explained how the planets moved and why stars never moved. Based on his own observations and calculations, this new scientist devised his own hypothesis that better accounted for the movement of the planets. Unlike Ptolemy and all other preceding astronomers, this scientist did not place Earth at the center of the universe.